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Strung Peacock Hurl – per foot


Hand Strung Peacock Herl is extremely versatile. Strung peacock herl has a variety of uses including, but not limited to fringe for clothing, costumes and arts & crafts. Can even be worn around the waist as an accent belt! Peacock herl is also fantastic over a grass skirt. Peacock Herl is also used for Fly fishing. Size: 5-7″. Sold per foot.

Washed Blue Peacock Plumage


Our Blue Breasted Peacock Feathers are to pine for! Washed and measured by half ounce or ounce. This amazing blue is completely natural. Our blue breasted peacock feathers are stunning. Ideally suited for jewelry making and arts & crafts.

Washed Gold Peacock Plumage


When people think of peacock feathers they rarely picture the amazing Washed Gold Peacock Feathers. Sold Per 1/2 Ounce and Ounce, Washed Gold Plumage is stunning! For the designer/artist this little incredible beauty will make your talent come to the service. It is also available by 100 pieces.