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Gold Pheasant Orange Tips 2-12″ – per dozen


The Golden Pheasant Orange tips are the perfect type of Feathers for Jewelry or fillers for Corsages. These feathers are sold by the dozen and come with an even range of sizes ranging from 2″ to 12″.

Golden Pheasant Crown, Washed


Washed – This is a Golden Pheasant Crown w/Crest & Tippet Section. An unbelievably brillian yellow tippent with dark gold and black tipped feathers below. Golden Pheasant Crowns are a favorite with fly fishermen.

Golden Pheasant Red Tips – per Dozen


Golden Pheasant Red Tip are short side tail feathers that have brown speckled markings at the base and a natural red tip. These are coverlets from the Golden Pheasant Tail. They rest on top of the other tail feathers.These beautiful feathers have many decorative applications: hat feathers, masks, mixed media. Red tip tail feathers sold 3 different sizes and by the dozen.

Golden Pheasant Tail Sides


Beautifully marked Golden Pheasant tail feathers are great for millinery purposes, vases, costumes, as part of a flower arrangement, and other decorative uses. Washed, steamed, and hand selected.