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Ringnecked “Hen” Tail Feathers


The plumage on the female European Ringnecked Pheasant is a soft bottled brown with stripes of light creme and dun. Our Ringnecked Hen Pheasant Tail Feathers are available in two sizes 10-12″ and 12-14″.

per 24 feathers

Ringnecked Pheasant Almonds


European Ringnecked Pheasant “Almond” Strung. These are some of our favorite feathers. The colors are rich, gorgeous, and natural. With shades of pumpkin, bluish green, dark brown, reddish brown, and cream, you will love these feathers!!! Fantastic for accessorizing an outfit, use in a costume, or striking on a hat. They add drama and intensity to any outfit.

Ringnecked Pheasant Gold Sides, Strung


European Ringnecked Pheasant Gold Sides. These feathers are exremely beautiful. Very bright with shades of gold, orange, cream and sable, you won’t find another feather like this.
Sold Per Foot

Ringnecked Pheasant Green Almonds, Strung (per foot)


European Ringnecked Pheasant Green Almonds (referring to the shape of the feather) Strung. These feathers are gorgeous – the body of the feather is a soft milk chocolate color and the tips are a lovely blue-green with with bluish-black arches. These Ringnecked Pheasant feathers are hand-selected, washed and strung. Sold per foot.

Ringnecked Pheasant Hearts


Ringnecked Pheasant Hearts from the breast & neck of the male pheasant. Gorgeous and sold unstrung.
Sold by the ounce.

Ringnecked Pheasant Hearts Strung – per foot


Our Strung European Ringnecked Pheasant hearts are exquisite. Coming from the breast and neck of the pheasant, the colors are gorgeous and come in variations of sienna, brick, and rust.

Ringnecked Pheasant Hearts, dyed red – per oz


Our European Ringnecked Pheasant hearts are dyed a lovely crimson and are absolutey exquisite! Pheasant hearts are typically used for ceremonial wear and paraphernalia. Our small strung hearts are sold by the ounce. Because of the fantastic richness of the crimson plumage they can also be used for jewelry and arts & crafts.

Ringnecked Pheasant Pelt – Dyed Black


These pelts are spectacular! You really have to see these in person to get the full effect of their beautifully dyed feathers. The natural iridescence shows through the dye which produces a very striking effect.