Continetal Feathers 5 Bundle Feather Hair Extensions
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5 Pack Bundle Feather Hair Extension


These Fabulous Feather Hair Extensions are a must have. Each Feather Hair Extension PACK includes 10+ feathers and 5 silicone beads. We hand pick the feathers for each pack and steam them to guarantee quality. Feathers will vary in length from 4″ to 9″ and I almost always have a few extras in the pack so the minimum you will receive is 10 feathers. This is a 5 PACK Bundle. Pick from our 6 color choices, the 5 Color Packs you would like in your bundle. With all these color choices you can mix and match all your Feather Extensions. Click on each bundle to view color samples. These being an all natural product each pack will vary in shape, size and/or color. This also can be a great item for any art project


Colors Available: Turquoise, Red, Green, Orange, Purple & Natural

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Product Description

5 Pack Bundle Feather Hair Extension or what ever you wish to use it for like any art or creative idea. You may ask for any combination of color you wish to use,


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