Natural Bronze Rooster Tail Feathers – 12-14″


We know the Rooster is a big part of our food Consumption, but don’t forget the beautiful feathers he produces also. The Saddle (back) Hackle (Neck) and then the incredible Tail. All those are perfect to create costumes, Millinery, Jewelry, Feather Wreaths. The Tail Feathers are used for Indian Ceremonies, Mardi Gras Celebrations and much more. The natural Bronze/Black reflects an iridescent appearance and beautified when they are steamed before they are packaged up and shipped

Sold per ounce OR per pound of strung material.

  • 1 ounce = approx. 45¬†feathers
  • 1 pound = approx. 900¬†feathers


Natural Rooster Tail has a beautiful bronze iridescent shine. washed and steamed they will be ready for many decorative projects.


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