Peacock Feather Costume


Make your own peacock costume with our pre-made package. The awesome peacock costume shown, made by one of our Loyal customers, Linda, uses our Deluxe Peacock Package.

There are two package sizes:

  • DELUXE Package: Everything you need to make this awesome costume made by Linda.
    This Peacock Package will include: 150 Natural Peacock Sticks 30 – 35″, 100 Natural Cut Peacock Sticks 12 – 14″, 1 Foot Peacock Herl and 50 Natural Peacock Swords cut 12 – 14″.
  • Basic Package: This package will supply you with enough feathers to make a more budget friendly costume. Using the basic package you can follow her instruction but use the feathers more sparingly.
    This Superior Peacock Package will include: 100 Natural Peacock Sticks 30 – 35″, 50 Natural Cut Peacock Sticks 12 – 14″, 1 Foot Peacock Herl and 24 Natural Peacock Swords cut 12 – 14″.

Linda posted more pictures and instructions on making this costume at By ordering the Basic Peacock Package you will save approximately 10% off of our regular prices of peacock feathers, and ordering the Deluxe Peacock Package will save you approximately 15% off.

Do not wait to place your order – Supplies are going quicky.



Peacock Feather Costume can be designed several ways. If you wish to follow Linda’s creation you need the full supply of Pea cock Feathers. For a small child you probably want to get less of the Peacock Eyes. It is a lot of fun to design the outfit and is great for Halloween and other costume parties.

Call us if you have any questions or Email us.

Deluxe Package is the large package $150.00

The Basic Package is the smaller of the two $95.00

To make sure you order the one right for you call at 559 647 1954



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