Reeves Pheasant Tail Feathers


Reeves Pheasant Tail feathers are the longest of all pheasant tail feathers. They can be as long as 65″ in length. These feathers are a wonderful addition to Centerpiece arrangements, Craft projects, Hats, Decorative Pieces and much more.

The most commonly seen long-tailed pheasant, the Reeve’s Pheasant, is native to the wooded hills of east central China north of the Yangtze River. The species was known in China by the name “Chi-Chi” at the time of Marco Polo’s visit there in the late 13th century.

The long tail feathers of the cock were used for decoration and as a ceremonial motif. Our Reeves Pheasant Tail Feathers come in a variety of sizes and quanities.

Please call for pricing on lengths over 50″ in length.

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Reeves Pheasant Tail Feathers have beautiful markings and can be purchased in different lengths.


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