Strung Goose Coquilles Dyed Gold


The Goose coquille feather are from around the neck of the goose. The feathers are a very soft curved feather that are very elegant. They are used for clothing, corsagess, centerpieces and bridal arrangme. These feathers are strung and sold by the ounce.You will find approx.200 or more feathers in an ounce. Other colors are Gold, White, Red, Black.

Sold per oz.

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Strung Goose Coquilles are used for many art projects. Goose feathers are very light, there lots of individual feathers in an ounce. It is favorite to make Hawaiian Leis and trim.

Coquille dyed Gold is a true Gold color, different then Ilima Gold, which comes in a variety Ilima also lighter and darker.


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