Strung Turkey Marabou Fluff Dyed Brown – 4-5″ – Per oz.


The Turkey Feather Marabou is gorgeous. It comes in many colors and is strung for your convience. Marabous is perfect for costumes, center pieces, crafts and much more. When using the strung marabou it easily slides off the string or use it as is and attach to your project while it is still strung together. This item is sold by the foot and comes in many colors. The brown Marabous is great for Fall decorations or the very popular Brown and Pink wedding. Sold Per oz.


Strung Turkey Marabou Fluff Dyed Brown is used for many projects. Their are numerous individual Feathers strung together, but very easy to separate. Marabou comes in a variety colors and is used for lots of creative activities.


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