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Strung Goose Coquilles Feathers Dyed Ilima (Gold)


The Goose coquille feather are from around the neck of the goose. The feathers are a very soft curved feather that are very elegant. They are used for clothing, corsages, centerpieces and bridal arrangements These feathers are strung and sold by the ounce.You will find approx.200 or more feathers in an ounce. Other colors are black, red, white, yellow. NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME!!!!

Sold per oz.

Call us at 559 647 1954 about Bulk purchases.

Strung Parried Goose Shoulder


White goose parried shoulder feathers are renowned for their beauty and are often mistaken for swan feathers. Our white goose shoulder feathers are sold per ounce and are 3″-5″ or 6″-8″ in length. They are parried which means the quill of the feather was ground down so the feathers is much softer and has movement.


Strung Peacock Hurl – per foot


Hand Strung Peacock Herl is extremely versatile. Strung peacock herl has a variety of uses including, but not limited to fringe for clothing, costumes and arts & crafts. Can even be worn around the waist as an accent belt! Peacock herl is also fantastic over a grass skirt. Peacock Herl is also used for Fly fishing. Size: 5-7″. Sold per foot.

Strung Rooster Saddle – Tri Color – Fire


Beautiful tri-color saddle, can be mixed with other feather products. Fire colors of red, orange, yellow and black.

Great for designers jewelry and costumes, can be used for trim and finish on glamorous designs.

Feather size 5-7″. Sold by the 1/2 pound